2331 Commercial Blvd
State College, PA 16801

Important Changes


We want to take a minute to thank all of our amazing customers who have been so wonderful throughout the last two weeks. Your open acceptance of our quantity limitations on certain products, and your patience and respect toward our stalwart and hard-working staff members during trying times is very much appreciated.

We ask for your continued understanding as we navigate these crazy times. Please try to understand that we are doing everything we can to bring you as many necessities as we can while still providing the level of customer service that our community expects from us. Our staff is working diligently and tirelessly to achieve and surpass these standards and they deserve a huge thanks as well.

As of Sunday March 22nd, Nature’s Pantry is still receiving deliveries (limited) and we are still OPEN. We have a duty and responsibility to provide our community with groceries. But we also have a duty to protect our staff and to strive to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.


In order to achieve both goals, we may have to limit the number of customers shopping in the store at any time. If we feel we have reached our maximum number of people in the store, we may ask that you wait in your car for your turn to shop.

We are also asking that only ONE family member enter the store to shop. We would ask that you do not bring children into the store to protect them and our older clientele; you can call ahead with an order as outlined below and we can bring the order to your car.  Limiting the number of people shopping at any given time helps us to practice social distancing, it allows our staff members adequate time to sanitize common areas more effectively, and it ensures our ability to not only continue providing you with excellent customer service, but to also protect YOU and our staff as well.

We are also asking everyone to please bring your own clean bags for your purchases if possible.

Due to contamination concerns, at this time, we are also suspending all returns. We will advise when that policy is lifted.

We will also be shortening our store hours when we reopen on Tuesday March 24th.  Our new hours for the foreseeable future will be Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM.  This will allow our staff to have more downtime and get more rest during this stressful time.

We thank you for your patience and acceptance of this temporary change to our normal operating procedures and hope you understand how necessary it is for our community.

We invite all customers to take part in curbside pick-up, a new way for you to get what you need and have limited contact with anyone in the store.

You can simply email your order to us at naturespantry@gmail.com or you can call the store from 10-4 and one of our customer service members will process your order. We would prefer orders over 5 items by email.  Your personal shopper will then pick out your order for you, call you with your order status, and collect your credit card information. You can then phone us when you arrive, and we will bring your order out to the parking lot for you to pick up. Please be patient with us as we work through this.  We will do our best to get orders together as quickly as possible. Please wait for confirmation that your order is ready before coming to pick it up.

Again, we invite all customers to try this new system, but we INSIST that you use it if you are sick.

We apologize for any inconvenience that these new procedures present and encourage you to reach out to us via email if you have extenuating circumstances.

We will do our best to accommodate everyone during this national crisis. It is our supreme goal to continue being your choice for all of your natural foods needs and we are honored to serve this amazing community.