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Beef by the Half

Beef or Pork By the half or quarter

$3.00/lb plus processing and wrapping costs (~$300 for a half ~$150 for a quarter)

Explanation of Ordering Sides

Once you have placed your order and made a $200 deposit we will call Bierly’s. When the carcass is in their facility, they will give us the exact hanging weight. At this time, Bierly’s will call you to ask how you would like your cuts (such as how much ground beef or sausage or how thick you would like your steaks). The beef will be dry-aged for up to 2 weeks. Allow 2-3 weeks from butchering for pickup.
The customer pays for cutting, wrapping, and butchering fees. Actual weight of delivered meat product will be approximately 65% of the hanging weight.

Since you are purchasing a live animal, it is impossible for us to give a precise cost per pound of final product. However, the final cost can be estimated, as we do in the following examples.

Examples of how side costs are calculated for Grassfed Beef and Pastured Pork

Assume you purchase a quarter side of a steer with a "live weight" of 1,000 pounds. After the head, viscera, hide, and blood are removed we are left with the "hanging weight" of the animal, which is approximately 60% of the total live weight. Fetterolf Family Farm charges you by the pound based on the hanging weight. Assuming a hanging weight charge of $3.00/lb of 600 pounds, and you are ordering a quarter, the total to pay to Fetterolf Family Farm is $450. Butchering charges and cutting and wrapping are paid directly to the processor. Assuming butchering charges of $50 per animal and approximately 65 cents /lb for cutting, and wrapping, the overall butcher costs will be around $150. The final cost for the quarter side will be $600 for 97.5 pounds of meat (there is some loss in weight at the butcher for de-boning and removing fat) for $6.15/pound. This price is about 40% less than our retail prices for cut meats. If you order a 1/2 or whole side then all of the costs and amount of meat will be doubled or quadrupled accordingly. Please note that the figures above vary 10-15% for each animal.