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Special Eggs

Why are our eggs special?


Our hens are producing eggs while living the life a chicken is supposed to live.  They are the true definition of free-range. Living in coops, the hens are secured at night for their safety and then allowed to roam with their protector roosters during the day.  They are free to eat bugs, scratch in the dirt and give themselves a dust bath. Amish families who farm on small diversified farms raise the hens alongside a variety of other livestock. Most farms have a few dairy cows, beef, horses, pigs and a variety of poultry.

The farmers collect eggs daily and we deliver to you weekly so they are fresher than anything that comes from a grocery channel. Our eggs are wiped clean rather than washed in a communal water bath, which reduces the chances of contamination.  It also keeps them fresher, longer, as the natural protective coating has not been washed away. All the hens our farmers work with, give us lovely shells in shades from pale tan to chocolate brown.  There’s no nutritional difference from white ones, but their varying colors sure are beautiful. When Easter rolls around, colored brown ones make beautiful dusky colors you can’t get with white shelled ones.

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Grower profile:

The Hostetler Family has been raising eggs for Nature’s Pantry for over 10 years. Their chickens are truly free ranging and spend their time pecking about the pastures and occasionally trying to hitch a ride into town when we go to pick up. Supplementing their foraging with grains grown on farm, these chickens are sustainable, hardy and healthy. Our eggs are fresh from them to you and all eggs are sold within 10 days or less of being laid! Try finding that in the conventional (or even organic) egg producing system. You can only get that from small local producers! The results do not lie. The yolks are rich, firm and delicious!