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Grass-Fed Beef

The Health Benefits of... Local Grass Fed Beef (vs Grain Fed Beef)

80% Less Total Fat | 30% Less Cholesterol
4x More Vitamin E | 10x More Vitamin A

Nature's Pantry's grass-fed beef is locally raised at the The Fetterolf Family Farm in Aaronsburg, PA.

Fetterolf Grass-Fed Beef Is More Nutritious. Eating local, grass-fed beef is better for your health, the environment and the local economy.

Grass-fed cows are fed the diet they were evolved to consume throughout their lives. The fresh grasses and forage of the spring, summer, and fall seasons, as well as the preserved summer hay and silage during the winter months. The animals are allowed to naturally mature in season with nature — this offers the cows the maximum nutrients from their forage. This difference in diet is carried over into the meat, the product you consume. And those vitamins and nutrients in the cows diet are what you get in your product.