2331 Commercial Blvd
State College, PA 16801

Meet Our Regional Suppliers

Our regional producers are companies making products within 200 miles.  This enables us to cover the entire state of Pennsylvania which has a vast and varied number of producers.  Nature's Pantry is proud to support local farmers and food producers! By working directly with our local producers, we:

  • Cut down on precious fossil fuel use and the resulting pollution
  • Provide fresher, more trustworthy products
  • Support the local economy, keeping dollars in our community

We are committed to supporting sustainable, healthy living. We carry locally produced goods whenever possible. Money we spend on local food is good for the economy, because it stays in our region. It brings us closer to the people who grow our food, and helps support family farms. Since it doesn’t travel far, local food helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

God’s Country Creamerycheese110www.godscountrycreamery.com
Old State Farmsmaple syrup118www.oldstatefarms.com
Wilbur’sWilbur Buds and chocolate chips125www.wilburbuds.com
John Cope’sDried Corn132www.johncopes.com
Kauffman’sApple and Fruit Butters133www.kauffmansfruitfarm.com
Shiloh FarmsFlours, Grains, Beans137www.shilohfarms.com
Liv OrganicsSprouted Flours137www.shilohfarms.com/liv-organic
RadiusTooth Brushes, Dental Floss, Travel Caes149madebyradius.com
Big Al'sMustards16www.facebook.com/Big-Als-Sweet-Spicy-Mustard-271621966293760
NourishFacial Care, Body Lotion, Deodorants, Soap175nourishorganic.com
Sun and EarthLaundry and Cleaning Supplies192sunandearth.com
Once Again Nut ButterPeanut and Nut Butters192www.onceagainnutbutter.com
Cooke TavernDried Soup Mixes22www.cooketavern.com
Hostetler FarmsEggs, Butter, Sauerkraut24
Stone MeadowCheese29www.facebook.com/Stone-Meadow-Farm-359244567530783
Fisher HoneyHoney32www.fisherhoney.com
Byler's Goat DairyGoat Milk and Cheeses33
Naked GranolaGranolas Loose and Bars34naked-granola.myshopify.com
Better Batter Gluten FreeGluten Free Baking Mixes37betterbatter.org
High ValleyBee Pollen41
Spring Bank AcresMilk27
Clover Creek Cheese CellarsCheese52www.clovercreekcheese.com
Rip Rap BakeryCrackers65www.riprapbaking.com
Piper's PeckPepper Jams and Salsas7www.piperspeck.com
Burnt CabinsStone Ground Flours77www.historicmillandcamping.com
Tait FarmsShrub, Salad Dressing, Jams and Spreads9www.taitfarmfoods.com
Salt SkillsHimalayan Salt Products95saltskill.com
Serra Organic OilsFacial Oils1www.serraorganicoils.com
Cafe LemontCoffee1sites.google.com/site/therealcafelemont/home
Village EatinghouseSalad Dressings and Marinades, Spice Blends4villageeatinghouse.net
Wild For SalmonAlaskan Salmon Fillets, Burgers Smoked Salmon83www.wildforsalmon.com

Company Distance

God’s Country Creamery – 110 miles
Old State Farms – 118 miles
Musselman’s – 118 miles
Wilbur’s – 125 miles
Utz 131 miles
John Cope’s Dried Corn – 132 miles
Kauffman’s – 133 miles
Shiloh Farms – 137 miles
Liv Organics – 137 miles
Radius – 149 miles
Big Al’s Mustard – 16 miles
Goot Essa – 16 miles
Brad’s – 192 miles

Nourish – 175 miles
Wolff’s – 178 miles
Sun and Earth 192 miles
Once Again Nut Butter – 192 miles
Cooke Tavern Soups – 22 miles
Hostetler Farms 24 miles
Stone Meadow – 29 miles
Fisher Honey – 32 miles
Byler Goat Dairy – 33 miles
Naked Granola – 34 miles
Sweet Annie Herbs – 36 miles
Better Batter Gluten Free – 37 miles

High Valley Farms – 41 miles
Happy Cow – 47 miles
Clover Creek Cellars – 52 miles
Two Sisters – 6 miles
Rip Rap Bakery – 65 miles
Piper’s Peck – 7 miles
Burnt Cabins – 77 miles
Zimmerman’s – 88 miles
Tait’s – 9 miles
Torchbearer Sauces – 94 miles
Salt Skills Himalayan – 95 miles