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Guest Vendor Program

Nature’s Pantry Guest Vendor Policies

Nature’s Pantry’s guest vendor program will foster an additional outlet for local small farmers and vendors to market locally produced products directly to the consumer. The program will provide a foundation for building partnerships among farmers, consumers, and the business community.

Who Can be a Vendor?

Participating vendors must be in the local region of Centre County and the surrounding counties. Vendors are all persons who actually produce the fruits, vegetables, plants, herbs, flowers, eggs, baked goods, jellies, jams, honey, and/or other approved products that they intend to sell.  Also:

  1. All vendors must sign a Vendor Application for the current year.
  2. All vendors must have all required health department, PA Department of Agriculture, USDA, and any other applicable Federal, State, or Local licenses.
  3. All produce and products must be grown and/or produced by Market members.
  4. Non-farm crafts and value-added food products, produced by a Market member, may be sold. Farmers who produce value-added and craft items will receive preference over non-farmer artisans in selling these items at the Market, dependent on market needs.
  5. Value added products – jams, jellies, salsas, hot sauces and similar products must have at least one major ingredient grown by the vendor. Baked goods are exempt from this rule.

Vendor Standards

  1. You must carry your own personal and product liability insurance. Furthermore, vehicle liability insurance is required to cover any damage caused to persons or property by a vendor’s vehicle.
  2. Booth fee will be free unless needing access to electricity or water. Fee for that will be $10 per set-up.
  3. Vendors must clearly display all applicable licenses.
  4. You are responsible for your own display, tables, umbrellas, tents, and money. You are responsible for keeping its booth space clean, and to tidy up before leaving. You must remove all trash and dispose of it properly. You may not use public trash receptacles for market trash.
  5. You must secure your own tent, tarp, and other equipment so that it will remain stationary in case of windy or inclement weather, and not pose a risk to human safety.
  6. Vendors must post prices for all items. All products must be clearly labeled and in compliance with any Federal, State, or local regulations or requirements.
  7. Vendors are encouraged to present their product in the best light and offer high quality fresh produce.
  8. Vendors selling by the pound must use a scale certified by the Centre County Weights and Measures
  9. Vendors, their employees, and associates shall dress and act in a professional manner with customers, vendors, and staff.Bottom of Form