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Fetterolf Family Farms

Better Beef from Birth to Butcher

Why you want Fetterolf Family Farms Pastured Beef...

  • You and your family get better nutrition
  • You're supporting the health of  animals and environment
  • You're supporting our local community and farm economy

Fetterolf Pastured Beef Is More Nutritious

Most beef cows in America are raised on grass for a brief time and then shipped out to feed lots in other parts of the country to be “finished”. "Finishing" typically involves hormone and antibiotic enhanced grain that isn’t natural for their bodies to process.  Many animals are packed into tiny spaces where stress and filth accumulate.  E. coli and other bacteria thrive in these conditions, which ultimately end up on your plate.

fetterolf_logoEating local, grass-fed beef is better for your health, the environment and the local economy. Grass-fed cows are fed the diet they were evolved to consume throughout their lives. The fresh grasses and forage of the spring, summer, and fall seasons, as well as the preserved summer hay and silage during the winter months. The animals are allowed to naturally mature in season with nature — this offers the cows the maximum nutrients from their forage. This difference in diet is carried over into the meat, the product you consume. And those vitamins and nutrients in the cows diet are what you get in your product.

Ultimately, the meat produced is as good as the inputs.  Which would you choose for you and your family?

Fetterolf Pastured Beef Is More Humane

Mass producing conventional beef  with the assembly-line model is rife with extremely stressful, filthy, unethical conditions. Cows are crowded into tiny feedlots, fed low quality food with added hormones and antibiotics, trucked across country, and then subjected to an inhumane slaughter.  We do not raise our cows like that!

We raise our beef in the most humane and ethical ways possible. Our multi-generational farm family has a vested interest in preserving the land and this way of life. Ultimately, we farm for more than the profit. Calves grow up alongside their mothers drinking natural milk  and then on the grass they need to mature. Our cows stay on our farm for their lifetime with their herd, open pastures, secure shelter, fresh spring water, and sunshine. We don’t raise more animals than we can sustainably support and watch over.

Most importantly, when you buy our products, we want you to know exactly what you’re getting and how it got there. We will continue to strive to offer what is best for the health of our customers, our animals, and our environment.

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