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Grass-Fed Beef

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Why do we say better beef from birth to butcher? Raising local beef, naturally at Fetterolf Family Farms in Aaronsburg, PA, makes a superior product that you won’t find at a supermarket. We are a sixth generation family of farmers who has raised a variety of animals through the years. We’ve raised pigs, dairy cows, sheep, goats, horses and chickens.  Currently, we run about 150-180 head of cattle on our small farm.

Grass-Fed Beef

Eating local, grass-fed beef is better for your health, the environment and the local economy. When the grass is growing, our cows our grazing! In addition, our family grows all the hay and silage our cows consume on our farm.  Choosing all the inputs results in some of the best grass-fed beef money can buy.

Facts about grass-fed beef

All our beef are bred and raised on our farm because we want to be involved in every step of the process.  We bring in an outside bull every year to keep improving our genetics. After 9 months of gestation, most calves are born in the pasture with no help from us. Mothers and farmers both prefer it this way. Furthermore, the mothers bond better with their babies when we stay out of their way. Calves stay with their mothers in the main herd for the first 8-9 months, so they can reap the benefits of milk like calves are naturally supposed to do.

Weaning and separating the calves into age and size appropriate groups is next, so they can grow until they are ready for processing or return to the herd to be the next generation of mamas. It takes about a year for these yearlings to reach full maturity.


We sell calves and feeders for you to finish yourself. We sell halves and quarters, for those whole like to buy in bulk, and by the cut, for those who just want an excellent burger or steak. Processing our cows one at a time is why when you eat a Fetterolf burger, it is the meat from one beef, not something potentially mingled with dozens of other animals. Our method of production really gives you better beef from birth to butcher.

Learn more about our grass fed beef here: https://fetterolffamilyfarms.com/